The David Knight Show ~ 8/8/22

CPAC’s Trump Derangement, Biden War Machine Loses Vast Majority of Weapons.
• As Trump reinvents himself for 2024, CPAC’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is rampant, clueless about “precedent” Trump and the last 900 days.
• Funeral business is booming — another industry besides insurance industry (who lost money) has to invent bizarre explanations for what’s happening.
• Even CBS is astounded at the disappearance of the vast majority of weapons sent to Ukraine — where are they going?
• Necrobiotics, turning the dead into robots, touted by scientists and cannibalism is celebrated in books & film. What’s going on?
• How identity of Shakespeare and Darwinism explain Fauci’s “settled science”.
• “I, Pencil” in 2021 — iconic pencil manufacturer in Europe (since 1790) can’t get wood due to sanctions and shutdown of supply chain.
• Ok, Groomer: Yes, the schools are following all the steps a pedophile groomer would.
• Will Pelosi vanity trip start World War 3?
The August 8th Show [Duration 3:01:50]
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