The David Knight Show ~ 8/4/22

FBI Says Jefferson, Washington, Founders Were Terrorists.
• Document shows FBI says those who support Jefferson & Washington are terrorists. Is it because they swore “eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man”?
• Alex Jones’ “Perry Mason Moment”. (a sudden, dramatic presentation of new evidence that changes everything)
• “Reversible Death”? New “zombie tech” brings back pigs after being dead for an hour. What they say tells us a great deal about what is going on with organ harvesting via abortion.
• Karl Marx in Drag — from Portland to California, then to the rest of the country.
• INTERVIEW: Joel Skousen, on the coming nuclear war — how it starts and how to protect from things like EMP.
The August 4th Show [Duration 3:01:56]
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