The David Knight Show ~ 8/3/22

Not Eagle, But ”Bird-Brain” Pelosi Has Landed as Biden Sanctions China.
• Not the eagle, but the “bird-brain” has landed — in Taiwan. China blinks, doesn’t shoot, as Pelosi lands. But Biden Administration fires off sanctions. Are they trying to start a war?
• Trump endorses all candidates named “Eric” — and wins! MAGA media praises his omnipotence.
• Commerce Dept makes move to create a gun registry? They’ve asked many holster markers to supply detailed information on customers.
• Abortion update: Kansas referendum; Georgia tax credit for fetuses; Biden sues Idaho; Defense Dept will maintain access to abortion in the name of medical choice & liberty.
• GOP continues to push for Constitutional Convention, a Con-Con. Who’s behind it and why it’s a VERY BAD idea.
• Reuters “fact-checks” a Biden parody. Who’s funnier: Biden or Reuters?
• AirBnB of renovated 19th century slave cabin inflames liberals — it’s a teachable moment.
• My “Ask-Me-Anything” interview with Untethered Truth.
The August 3rd Show [Duration 3:01:49]
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