The David Knight Show ~ 8/2/22

Govt Destroys 432 Homes, Refuses to Pay; YOUR Protein is Now ”Pollution”; When Commies Tried to Kill John Wayne.
• Urine Trouble? Your waste, your protein, YOU are pollution. Selling famine to developed nations.
• Autonomous 18-wheeler has HAIR-RAISING FAILURE. Experiments on public roads.
• Real life communist plot to kill anti-commie John Wayne. And as Norman Lear turns 100 we look at how he changed “entertainment” to shift the country to the left.
• State Department took NY “castle” from Iran after the Ayatollah and gave it to Jeffrey Epstein.
• US government recklessly burns down 432 homes and refuses to pay for damages. Remember the Hammonds?
• None Dare Call UN-Davos a Conspiracy. One of the greatest danger is conservative media pretending it’s just misguided or evil individual politicians – ignoring or afraid to call out the massive conspiracy.
• Pelosi/Taiwan – both a “NORAD Santa Claus” distraction and dangerous brinksmanship.
• Alzheimer “Trust the Science” scam — EXACTLY like Covid & Climate “settled science” scams.
• “Smart Ones” were the unvaccinated says injured nurse.
• Unvaxed are “heroes” says Australian op-ed.
• Sexual deviance and societal destruction — a repeating pattern throughout history.
The August 2nd Show [Duration 3:01:53]
The Host, David Knight with my Analysis & Reports of the News.
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