The David Knight Show ~ 8/1/22

Fauci Pay VIOLATES Law: Why, How & Who Did This
• US hospital paid by drug company to prescribe puberty blockers shown to cause brain swelling and blindness. UK clinic gave them to children after just a single consultation.
• Pedophilia is “OK if its Gay”. Salon praises Ru Paul for removing the “gay porn stigma” from drag queens.
• Fauci’s compensation VIOLATES US law which caps compensation for bureaucrats at the salary level of the Vice President. Who pushed Fauci’s pay beyond the legal ceiling and why?
• Taxpayers pay $55,000 in charm school tutoring to train CDC’s Walensky to be a better liar.
• Anne Coulter takes on oily sycophant Piers Morgan over Ukraine.
• On the birthday of “George Jetson”, NY Post asked what predictions were right. I ask, what went wrong with society, beginning with the NY Post.
• Tylenol use in babies and young children is linked to autism after 40 yrs.
• Gridlock: energy and food are being locked down by governments globally and conservative commentators and politicians offer absurd coincidence theories to explain away the conspiracy.
• Hole in One! Trump buries Ivanka at his golf course and gets property tax exemption.
• Harvard study says only 8% of capitol rioters wanted insurrection, that most were driven by loyalty to Trump
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