The David Knight Show ~ 7/26/22

Jan6 Clip Shows Entrapment by Capitol Police.

The Host, David Knight with my Analysis & Reports of the News. • Jan6 — new footage showing entrapment by law enforcement. Prison, torture, suicide, and despair by J6ers while the people who pushed them to come bask in the glory of media coverage.
• FLASHBACK: what I said the morning of Jan6 before it all happened.
• Fauci, the Fraudfather, says if he had it to do over again he would push “much, much more stringent restrictions”.
• THREAT to private food co-ops, shareholder arrangements for food. Fed bureaucrats hit Amish farmer with quarter million dollar fine and/or jail.
• Davos puppet Trudeau makes Canada the next target of the UN/WEF starvation program.
• Sri Lanka imposes digital ID & QR code for gas rationing.
The Tuesday July 26th Edition [Duration 3:01:51]

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