The David Knight Show ~ 7/25/22

Vertical Monopolies: ”Green” Control of Energy, Food.

The Host, David Knight with my Analysis & Reports of the News. • A pattern emerges in globalist tactics to control energy, food, and everything else — vertically integrated monopolies.
• How much will renewable, but unreliable, wind and solar add to the average household’s financial burden?
• Birx — jab won’t keep you from dying and she always knew it wouldn’t work as pharma pivots to Paxlovid. Stats show the jab is a kill shot.
• Even Fauci now embraces “lab leak”. What’s he covering up now?
• After Trump allowed and joined the Fraudfather, Fauci, he now claims he has a plan to “fire tens of thousands” of bureaucrats. Fool me once…
• While CDC & WHO admit monkeypox is a non-fatal sexually transmitted disease, Tedros overrules his own committee to claim the STD is a “global emergency”.
• Conservative media rightfully freaks about the political persecution of Bannon while perjurers like Clapper go free. But what about the little people rotting in jail 1.5 yrs, tortured, with some committing suicide? The “Big Boy Martyrs” remain free and rake in millions — START the Steal
• War of the Worlds: Is it “Christian nationalism” when a politician talks about good & evil, quotes the Bible or exercises their faith? What is and is NOT establishment of religion?
The Monday July 25th Edition [Duration 3:01:51]

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