The David Knight Show ~ 7/21/22

Baby Picture Causes Dem to Recoil in Horror & Rage in Anger.

• Did a Hollywood vampire ever have a stronger reaction to a cross? Democrat recoils and raged at famous “Hand of Hope” picture, the unborn baby grasping the hands of the surgeon operating in utero, when Congressman Palmer shows it at hearing.
• Biden’s Quixotic quest for windmills at sea. UK has already shown they’re not reliable.
• #WEF web of nepotism & foreign globalist influence behind the WAR on FOOD PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION.
• Biden’s “emergency” on climate: The evil of EMERGENCY POWER by Exec Orders is a lazy, lawless dictatorship supported by BOTH parties.
• Rep. Thomas Massie gives Buttigieg several examples of why the grid will NOT be able to support Booty’s goal of EV-only cars in the near future.
• Will we repeat the “Dust Bowl” of 1930’s along with Depression & World War? As mainstream media admits things were hotter in 1936, do they realize they just debunked “man-made global warming” demands?
• Quidditch sports? Their brooms don’t fly but they run with the sticks between their legs. A look at a hilarious farce & fantasy where the “players” are so outraged at JK Rowlings’ “anti-trans” statements that they’re changing the name.
• The Devil & Merriam-Webster: dictionary changes another defintion, this time for “female”.
• Rand Paul’s amendment to affirm the Constitution — rejected by other Senators.
• FCC wants TikTok banned. Yes, it’s spying but here’s the real reason why they’re concerned.

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