The David Knight Show ~ 7/20/22

ATF Begins Door-to-Door Inspections of Firearms.

• A new procedure from Biden’s DOJ — ATF agents tell homeowner (who recorded the encounter) that they at are his home to inspect guns as possible “straw purchases”.
• Pfizer — the CRIMINAL convictions of the corporation that has blackmailed the world.
• Mask mandates coming back even as it’s exposed as total fraud. (health risk)
• GoFundMe allows fundraiser for mass shooter while shutting down funding for victims.
• School board puts Planned Parenthood in high schools.
• Mainstream media, and Big Conservative media, continue to hype monkeypox. No pandemic, just panic.
• House codifies “gay marriage” with help of Republicans, just days after they did the same with abortion.
• AOC — Alexandria Occasionally-Cosplaying. The charlatan does it again, pretending to be handcuffed as she and other LARPers are removed from Supreme Court protests over abortion.
• Jim Breuer: comedian, freedom fighter and an example of thankfulness
• INTERVIEW: Will Biden Give Himself Climate Emergency Powers? Steve Milloy, debunks the fear and panic about the “planet on fire”. From Ozone Hole fraud taking away AC (again) to challenging ESG as a breach of fiduciary trust to stockholders.

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