The David Knight Show ~ 7/19/22

Media Pushes Panic Over Weather? It’s Just Hot Air. (From Them)

• Is Russia going to KEEP gas to Germany & EU off? They’ve just declared “Force Majeure” saying they can’t fulfill contracts.
• Global warming? We’ve nothing to fear but government itself and the alarmist media trying to panic people.
• WEF (Davos) pushing to set the rules for the metaverse and to govern using corporations. And a look at the satanic agenda inherent in their virtual reality world.
• More details about the mall shooting. It’s even MORE devastating to the gun control narrative.
• Leftists rage about the hero who stopped the shooting being called a “Good Samaritan” as social media theologians claim Jesus opposed defending innocent life.
• More voters say the best protection against mass shooters is an armed citizenry.
• Betsy DeVos, head of federal Dept of Education for 4 yrs under Trump, now calls for its elimination. Remember all the times GOP politicians have promised this when NOT in power?
• TX windmills that froze during winter, now fail in summer!
• Clean? Renewable? EU about to declare lithium (essential to current battery technology) toxic and dead solar panels are leaking toxic metals into groundwater.
• CDC now pushing transgenderism and the occult to children.
• Reason says focusing on rape/incest exceptions and partial birth abortion distorts the abortion debate. Does it?

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