The David Knight Show ~ 7/18/22

Mall Shooting They DO NOT Want You To See.

• Armed hero who stopped mall shooting destroys the left’s gun control narrative.
• Pothole Vigilantes — straight out of Gilliam’s “Brazil”, illustrating how to transcend the corrupt bureaucracy.
• Monkey Pox? Call it “Money Pockets” as Trump’s FDA head and others sell fear and line up at the feeding trough.
• Who cleaned up, covered up the now publicized garbage simulation of the “Imperial College of London” used to lockdown USA & world?
• NYC Nuke PSA — what would a nuke do there? What kind of a game are they playing?
• Covid “surging”? Don’t believe da numbas — LA hospital official mocks the fear as public health official moves to reinstate masks.
• Charging Stations — the canary that shows it’s NOT about coal mines. An indication that the intent to stop ALL private cars, including full electric.
• As new Canadian study show jabs INCREASE death, court upholds withholding life-saving transplants from unvaxed.
• Jab mandate rebellion — in Beijing!

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The Mon. July 18th Edition [Duration 3:01:49]

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