The David Knight Show ~ 7/15/22

”Horror Story” Resignations at NIH, CDC, FDA as Rats Jump Ship.

• “Like a Horror Story” — mass resignations of people at FDA, CDC, NIH who see what’s happening.
• Judge devastates Elizabeth Warren’s Bureaucratic Monster — CFPB. The worst of all the lawless bureaucracies is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and it’s deliberate by design.
• Bolton brags on CNN about plotting coups but says Trump was not capable of planning an insurrection and only interested in himself.
• Tape leaked of Bannon telling a group, a couple of days before election, that the plan was to falsely claim victory.
• Ivana Trump, alumni of First Wives Club, dies.
• BMW charges $18 PER MONTH to turn on seat heaters! You will own NOTHING.
• A/C coolant banned again for cars (as patent runs out) and HVAC compressors for homes are in short supply nationwide.
• INTERVIEW: Father of MK-ULTRA & LSD: “Poisoner in Chief” — Stephen Kinzer’s biography with new details of CIA’s Scott Gottlieb. What Gottlieb did, what made him so dangerous and how it aligns with what is happening today.
• INTERVIEW: Time to OccupyPeace. Gerald Celente,, on the state of war and people coming together in 1 week for peace. (

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