The David Knight Show ~ 7/14/22

Will Inflation Get Higher Than Biden’s Approval?

• Will inflation get higher than Biden’s approval rating? Is it already?
• Brian Deese “Nuts” tries to explain away, runaway inflation. Deese Nuts headed up Blackrock’s ESG between Obama & Biden administration gigs.
• Will Trump’s “Vaccine Pride” result in conservatives cancelling him?
• Institutional trust has collapsed in the USA as globalists take advantage of the Fourth Turning to push their revolution. Is our loss of faith in institutions good or bad?
• INTERVIEW: Dr. Bennet Cecil, MD, certified Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology on what he’s seen in adults and why he’s concerned about FDA’s EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION (not approval) of jabs for children. Also, will DNA modifying instructions be passed from pregnant women to developing children and then be passed on to subsequent generations?
• Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire hosts Dave Rubin & Jordan Peterson embrace homosexual surrogacy. Is it a new “enlightened” version of conservatism as they claim?
• Massive PPP corruption is being exposed. It was supposed to help small businesses and employees but did neither. Who got it, how did the scams roll out, what large corporation has exposure?
• The reported rape of a 10 yr old and subsequent abortion turns out to be real. Biden uses it to tout abortion even though pedo-rapist was an illegal alien. But the moral issues around rape & abortion remain unchanged
• Will Ray Epps sue? He’s fighting back against charges he was a federal agent provocateur.

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