The David Knight Show ~ 7/13/22

Documents Show Fraud & Collusion Between Moderna, NIH, FDA.

• New documents show the many ways Moderna lied about tests and colluded with FDA and NIH. There is NO immunity from fraud.
• As jab mandates continue purge of military, one former Senate staffer says GOP Senators have a tool they’re NOT using to stop it.
• Democrats don’t like a Supreme SCOTUS — poll shows they want UN to overrule Supreme Court decisions.
• Trump’s Covid subsidies saved states like Illinois and California from bankruptcy, now those governors are using the subsidies to portray themselves as stars and run for president.
• Former Oath Keeper draws a line from Bundy Ranch to Jan6 before Jan6 Committee. I was at Bundy Ranch, he’s lying.
• Should GOP impeach AG Garland over allowing protests of SCOTUS Justices? It’s complicated.
• Bitter Billionaires — Trump vs Musk. Trump confirms the crony capitalism and incriminates himself in the process.

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The Wed. July 13th Edition [Duration 3:01:44]

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