The David Knight Show ~ 7/12/22

WEF’s Food ”Secretariat” to Control Food Distribution & Production.

• It’s no coincidence that Netherlands’ PM Rutte is taking the lead on controlling food distribution as he shuts down food production — he surrendered his country to WEF while his family worked with Gates on the crony capitalism side.
• Davos, “Food Hubs” and the GAVI vaccine equivalent for food. Who/what set fire to Gates’ “Picnic”.
• Uber document leak shows the companies thug-like, gangster business “ethic” and how Biden was Uber CEO’s subordinate.
• UK study shows vaccinated children 302 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE than unvaxed kids.
• 2 new studies show (1) no effectiveness for jabs even with multiple boosters (2) natural immunity at 97% after 14 months.
• “Foundering Father” Michael Moore writes a new constitutional amendment to get rid of the 2A. In his hubris he lays out every wish and misconception of the gun controllers.
• NYC’s Nuclear War PSA rolled out as Russia talks about “Doomsday” device and NATO settles in for a long asymmetric war.
• You knew it was false but internet sleuth thoroughly debunks absurd lies from global mainstream media about “obese general” brought out of retirement. You’ll be amazed who it is.
• NY & California take the lead to restart the mask insanity. Will the public dance to the piper’s tune this time? A new opinion poll indicates they are losing the information war in spite of the censorship.

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