The David Knight Show ~ 7/11/22

Jabs Halted, Pfizer Gags Govt; Gates’ Grocery Burns.

• No “Picnic” for Bill Gates as his “food” store is torched in Netherlands where globalists are trying to starve the Dutch (as they did Sri Lankans) by banning fertilizer in the name of climate
• Uruguay halts Trump shots for kids under 13 but Pfizer contract prohibits them talking about WHY
• Satanic Royalty: Meghan Markle pushes Planned Parenthood necklace with defiant, satanic symbols for fundraiser
• Jefferson’s home, Monticello, becomes a microcosm of what the Marxist revolution seeks to accomplish
• Kill the Kids…
• Dutch govt and pediatricians want to legal permission to kill kids from 1-13 yrs of age
• School Board DIRECTOR running “safe sex” workshop for 9 yrs old and up
• California elementary teacher arrested for multiple pedophile charges
• NPR tells kids sexually transmitted diseases “are NOT dirty”

• China claims a new AI-based polygraph to “test party loyalty”
• German leftists demand gun “privileges” be taken from 30,000 members of a conservative party
• Oath Keepers leader & Bannon offer to testify to Jan6 Committee so they can respond to the public lynching
• After SCOTUS slaps down EPA attacks on private cars, Biden tries color of law Executive Orders to use Dept of Transportation.

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