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Dutch Farm Fight is GLOBAL FOOD FIGHT.

• We can now clearly see the path to the long stated goal of vacating rural areas and forcing people into Smart City prisons — attack farms and food supplies. Netherland’s Davos puppet Rutte is taking the lead.
• Nuclear winter — the man-made climate change NATO, Biden and Putin are contemplating & provoking. Here’s what will happen…
• CBDC — the ultimate tool of techno-tyranny — is coming fast. Here’s how it’s different from crypto & from cash.
• A Tale of Two Small Countries — one that capitulated to globalist fear campaign and one that transcended the fear.
• Jab Mandate: not 40,000 but 60,000 booted from Army Reserves as Marines plead with courts for justice.
• GM’s autonomous taxi immediately crashes and Ford’s EV F-150 has 85 mile range fully loaded.
• Mass shooting plot by illegal aliens foiled.
• “It’s the Economy, Stupid” and 90% agree Biden’s feds are hurting them and their family, but the worst is yet to come as Biden sells our emergency oil reserves to China while begging Saudi Arabia for more.
• FDA takes baby step to rectifying baby formula shortage but nothing concrete.


 Segment 1

* It’s war.  It’s a siege.  They’re telling farmers, “surrender now and we’ll give you a little money.  Resist and we’ll take everything from you.” They’re claiming a “nitrogen emergency” in the Netherlands.  No time to make any changes.  The ONLY thing that can be done is to eliminate 1/3 of the farms and 95% of the dairy — NOW!  The farmers know it’s a lie.  The “eaters” need to wake up and join the food producers before it’s too late.

* This is the long term agenda to remove people from rural lands.  We’ve watched this go from “Agenda 21”, to the attacks on the Bundy ranch, miners, and loggers, to UN2030 and the “Smart City” as a final solution

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:52:28

Fight or Surrender to Davos? A Tale of Two Small Countries, two different approaches to the fear agenda of “emergencies”.  One country was destroyed, the other transcended the globalist agenda and is thriving

Segment 3 begins approximately 01:25:14

* Biden is at war with America and polls show people are hurting and know the government is making things worse.

* Rep. Thomas Massie: “people are beginning to understand that those $1,200 shimmy checks were the cheese in the trap”

* Strategic Petroleum Reserve is being drained and Biden is sending the oil — to CHINA!  Even leftist Democrats are astounded

* Electric co-ops are sounding the alarm as state governments continue to DESTROY POWER PLANTS in spite of shortages already and demand increasing

* Test on YouTube between a new F-150 EV and a GMC gasoline truck shows how ludicrous it is to think EV’s can be used for long haul semi-trailers and heavy equipment

* The answer to Zimbabwe’s 200% inflation?  Their central bank is issuing gold coins

* CBDC: The Ultimate Tool of Techno-Tyrants— It’s coming faster than you think.  Know the globalist plan, fight it locally.

Segment 4 begins approximately 02:04:54

* Can you tell the difference between Iran’s Ayatollah and America’s censors?  They sound alike, they act the same

* China’s relentless lockdowns are so bad, Chinese corporations are moving OUT of the country — but globalists say China is essential?

* Trump has announced his 2024 candidacy but he is making an unbelievable amount of money with his speaking tours — START the STEAL!

* Oz is AWOL in the Senate campaign.  Is he in HIS country, Turkey? At his real residence in NJ?

* More strange things happen with Georgia Guidestones

* GM driverless taxi (Cruise), crashes right after approval

* Illegal aliens planned 4th of July mass shooting, busted by an American citizen

Segment 5 begins approximately 02:40:36

* Nuclear Winter: REAL Man-Made Climate Change.  Here’s the reality as both NATO & Putin engage in NUCLEAR brinksmanship

* Black Republican congressional candidate’s political ad shows him using a rifle with large capacity magazine against KKK

* FDA takes “baby step” to addressing “baby formula” crisis, but STILL won’t get out of the way

* Why are they STILL pushing vaccine mandates?  Another 60,000 reservists purged for refusing jab as babies are now suffering strange symptoms. 

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