The David Knight Show 7/07/22

Georgia Loses Its Marbles: A Guide to Guidestones for the Blind Media.

• BoJo Go-Go — destroying his country with useless pandemic measures for GreatReset wasn’t the problem — it was Brexit says media.
• Highland Park shooter’s family, like America, doesn’t recognize madness when they see it.
• Trudeau says the quiet part out loud — “ban firearms”.
• Georgia town lost its marbles (42 yrs ago) profiting off a satanic boast. Guidestones — for 42 yrs they tell us they couldn’t find the group that financed them, will they find the person who blew it up.
• Fauci says NIH will not test drugs on dogs anymore — just babies, humanized mice.
• Complaint says Biden’s “kink pup-handler” isn’t qualified to be watchdog of nuclear waste. Who knew?
• Cars take center stage as surveillance and control device. Chinese govt knows it, US govt knows it — do you?
• Trump boasts inflation wouldn’t be here if he were president. Time for a reality check of Benedict Donald.
• Charge It? Tesla owner captures owner blocking off Tesla superchargers that he says haven’t made a payment for 9 months!
• Police dept unable to do their job with EV’s.
• “Eye candy” tech distractions in cars are killing people.
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