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Party of DEATH is Energized by Mass Shootings & Abortion.

• Dems begin ammo “registration” as federal agencies buy up massive amounts to keep ammunition off the market.
• The number of people killed in Chicago each weekend dwarfs the number killed in the 4th July parade and only half of priority 911 calls are taken by Chicago police.
• How do we, who are pro-life, respond to 10 yr old, pregnant by rape and denied abortion?
• Born on the Fourth of July? 1776 was when America got pregnant but it’s birth was the Constitutional Convention. What would happen with another Con-Con based on the one and only historical precedent?
• GreatReset agenda of starvation hits Netherlands and Spain as they demand 1/3 of farms close to stop “nitrogen emissions” from cows and natural farming.
• Walmart patents autonomous/drone deliveries. Another link in the chain of GreatReset slavery.
• Bette Midler says surgery can’t make you a woman. Can laws make you a Christian? TX Attorney General Paxton says he would enforce law banning homosexual acts.
• Biden’s “nuclear waste” poster child defends child prostitution. The groomer has hung out for a long time as part of a project focusing on LGBT youth.


Segment 1

* In Chicago, 25 miles away from the Highland Park shooting, 2-3 times as many are shot and 2-3 times as many people killed EACH WEEKEND.  So why is THAT ignored?

* Chicago has NO police response to 52% (over 400,000 calls) of 911 priority incidents

* Forget gun manufacturers — who is MANUFACTURING THE SHOOTERS?

* NY state nullifies the Supreme Court decision, continues to criminalize guns for self-defense.  Here’s how they did it…

* Dems come for AMMUNITION — massive federal purchases to starve market and ammunition registration schemes

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:34:37

* What happened to the show yesterday…

* The shooter…given a pass by feds, Spotify, YouTube 

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:53:24

* Taking back the culture with Christian schools — but govt money (Charter school funding) is a TRAP!

* How do YOU respond to a 10-yr-old, pregnant by rape? The left thinks THIS shows the necessity of Roe.  But they have a blind spot — several, actually

* 2 survivors of abortions (both of them born by rape) speak out

* Brazil is outraged over the same issue, but outraged that the abortion took place.  President Bolsonaro speaks about the issue

Segment 4 begins approximately 01:37:14

* AP (Associated Press) looks at the problems for big corporations paying for “abortion vacations”

* Texas AG Paxton says he will enforce and defend any law that bans homosexual acts.  Is it wise to impose Christian morality externally?

* Bette Midler says you can’t make a woman by surgery.  Radical left explodes

* Local restaurant business owner on alcohol bureau entrapment

* Biden’s sadistic degenerate in charge of nuclear waste protests the shutdown of pedo-prostitution.  Would you expect anything different from him?

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:56:21

* Fourth of July

— how do we answer those who say the Declaration of Independence was written by slaveowners?

* Fed Corruption: Time for a New Constitutional Convention?  Our American Empire is as corrupt as the British Empire but the corruption has been magnified by power.  So do we need to modify the constitution by convention or will that turn into a revolution?  History shows the danger — and the right way to deal with individual issues without risking our entire form of government

Segment 6 begins approximately 02:31:59

* Biden bemoans the state of America (that HE is responsible for creating)

* Mexican president wants to tear down Statue of Liberty

* Trump announces his 2024 campaign for President — or did Alex Jones get it wrong, again?

* Newsom cuts an ad to attack DeSantis? Touts California as the defender of liberty?

* Ilhan Omar jeered off the stage by fellow Somalians

* Biden attacked by CEO’s and others for trying to shift economic blame to corporations and unions — he’s setting the table for wage & price controls

* Walmart patents autonomous vehicle and drone delivery combination

* Netherland politicians aim to KILL 1/3 of FARMS with a single legislative stroke banning nitrogen emissions!  Dutch farmers are fighting back

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