The David Knight Show 7/01/22

Behind the SCOTUS Smackdown of EPA.

• Supreme Court ruling challenges the administrative state of an unaccountable bureaucracy and creates problems for Biden’s globalist agenda. How the EPA usurped power and what the decision means in the fight against the GreatReset.
• Buttigieg says roads are “racist” and he has BILLIONS to destroy/deconstruct roads and interstates.
• Rockefeller Foundation working with Gates & Davos to “reset the table” using a food crisis.
• INTERVIEW: Nullification, Anti-Commandeering and the Local Sheriff. Sheriff Mack,, whose Supreme Court victory set a precedent against federal commandeering of local officials.
• INTERVIEW: Biden & NATO’s relentless push for war — “As long as it takes”. Gerald Celente, European nations ramp up military spending, build armies and splinter political alliances. Is there a path for peace?
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The Fri. July 1st Edition [Duration 3:01:53]

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