The David Knight Show 6/28/22

Russia & Biden BOTH Move ”Small” Nukes Into Ukraine.

• MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction: BOTH Russia and Biden are moving “small” nuclear missiles into Ukraine conflict.
• Vanderbilt refusing 6 month old’s heart transplant unless vaccinated first.
• China’s unrestricted INCREASE in coal usage will wipe out 15 yrs of US “emission reductions” in a single year. It’s about transferring power.
• Supremes allow silent prayer in school
• Separation of EDUCATION and State — dis-establishing education from the state. Today’s blindspot is that education is fundamentally about morality, worldview and religion.
• Bombshell link of Joe Biden to son Hunter’s peddling influence with the person he calls “spy chief of China.”
• Hero stops mass shooting only to be shot in the back by cops who refuse to show their video.
• First “Christian Nationalism”, now “Folk Libertarianism” — weaponized labels. What does F.L. even mean?
• Prince Charles takes literal bags of cash ($3.6M) from oil sheik while preaching climate alarmism as the Queen grants herself exemptions from emissions rules.
• Study shows government barriers to opening businesses — can’t have YOU with any stake in the economy, only “stakeholder” elites.
• Dems want non-citizens voting, bankrolling ads to support candidates they think are weak and conspiring to run “sleeper” candidates falsely claiming to be GOP.
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