The David Knight Show 6/27/22

Will 10th Amend Be Restored? The Rise of Constitutional Sheriffs.

• Will Supreme Court ruling on Roe lead to a restoration of the 10th Amendment
• What was Clarence Thomas talking about with “substantive due process”
• Is Trump pro-life? Is BigPharma any less dangerous than Planned Parenthood?
• Mandates continue in military and jab passports are being brought back by EU despite 97% of nearly 400,000 comments being negative
• “Q” is back with more games, more lies
• John McAfee’s body still kept from family — AFTER 1 YEAR
• Musk promises autonomous robot with personality — IN 3 MONTHS
• Constitutional Sheriffs and nullification of state/federal usurpations gets popular enough to be attacked by AP
• Musk promises autonomous robot with personality — IN 3 MONTHS
• We can celebrate the demise of Roe but was it a bad strategy that was responsible for 63 million lives lost over 50 years?
• WATCH: 2 clips that explain how the radical left was responsible for overturning Roe
• Federal jury finds govt doesn’t have an exemption under “takings” clause to pay for house destroyed by police.
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