The David Knight Show 6/24/22

SCOTUS: Rightly Dividing Individual Rights & States’ Powers.

• Usurpation of authority by Supreme Court in Roe v Wade, to prohibit state protection of life resulted in at least 63 Million killed. But the decision is an important precedent for stopping JUDICIAL SUPREMACY as well by restoring 10th Amendment in that area
• Supreme Court decision repeals gun infringements as Congress is busy adding more.
• Airlines, universities and states are busy rolling out biometric surveillance from afar. Who are the corporations partnering with the Pentagon to roll out the police/surveillance state.
• As Congress pushes gun CONTROL and attacks both 2nd and 4th Amendments with “Red Flags”, Rand, Cruz, and Feinstein offer amendments to the legislation.
• New Deal Gun Control: Media screams about gun laws in effect for 100 years. Here’s a look at the criminal and conspiratorial attacks on 2nd Amendment by the FDR administration. It’s a cautionary tale of how gun control works without outright bans.
• Mermaids, Rag Doll husbands and babies — the virtual “reality” training for trapping us in the metaverse.
• What’s in Thomas’ decision on NY gun infringement.
• Kavanaugh & Roberts resist constitutional right to bear arms, carving out exceptions.
• Maxwell, Epstein and the elites who protected them. Courts are now protecting the predators who feasted on children.
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