The David Knight Show 6/20/22

Even More Fraud Revealed in FDA Baby Jab Push.

• Criminal, deliberate fraud to conceal NEGATIVE efficacy of kids jab. USA is ONLY country doing this to babies. Why are we allowing it?
• Stephen Colbert will do more (inadvertently) than Trump to free Jan6 prisoners.
• Listener from Africa on why the sanctions causing food crisis there is all hype from globalists and people with things to sell — and no substance.
• NYT reports lawsuit against Google alleges company division run by a religious cult led by an alleged pedophile rapist.
• Very premature baby improved when mom sings and plays ukulele as she did when it was developing. But LaLa Harris says no conflict between her religion and killing babies.
• Rich man’s war, poor man’s austerity and “fight”. NATO, Obama and Zelensky double down on long, long war — unless they can start WW3.
• Trump teases Assange pardon? What did he do for 4 yrs?
• Confusion, chaos, corruption — poll show the true problem of USA is much deeper than inflation, recession or war.
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