The David Knight Show 6/16/22

Interest Rates? Let’s Talk About the ”Usury Spread”.

• Vax mandates “suspended” in Canada (and elsewhere) — it’s a trap.
• Economy, Rated EX. (exit, exodus, excrement)
• Interest Rates? Let’s talk about the spread between what banks charge and what they pay on savings.
• “Rebranding” of MonkeyPox — is it in honor of Pride Month?
• More firebombing and threats against pro-life clinics, churches, & political organizations by “Jane’s Revenge” — FBI couldn’t care less.
• Dems propose 1,000% tax on “assault rifles” — raise price by 10 TIMES.
• Gorsuch & Barrett — Trump SCOTUS picks embrace CRT & 1619 Project in their decisions.
• Will threats against SCOTUS firm them up on 2nd Amendment right of self-defense or will they rest in the security of taxpayer funded security guards?


Segment 1

* Economy, Rated EX (as in exit, exodus, excrement)

* Have we ever seen interest rates rise this rapidly?

* Last time 75 bps increase, THIS happened…

* The fundamental problem is the oil embargo just like 50 yrs ago.  But Biden did it this time, WATCH Kerry say NO MATTER WHAT, DON’T DRILL

* Granholm does the “let them eat cake” thing with EV’s yet again


Segment 2 begins approximately 0:25:39

* More criminal fraud, by BOTH Pfizer and FDA, exposed in the “tests” for child Covid jabs.  And remember, they’re coming after the children so they can get the legal immunity for a fully approved jab.

* New “variant” is “surging” — or is it the jab?  Since it’s going deeper into the lungs, it could be the masks

* WHO Wants to “Rebrand” MonkeyPox.  What Would YOU Call It? Here’s some of my suggestions.  Let’s hear yours below…

* Military pilot nails the jab mandates, it begs the question why they’re deliberately destroying military readiness

Segment 3 begins approximately 1:09:06

* Farmers are speaking out — it’s coming around September.  Prepare NOW

* Coincidence theories about food processing plants burning down

* Does anyone profit when things collapse?  You better believe they do.  Here’s how

* Ireland is talking about new lockdowns — this time to ration fuel, to fight Putin

Segment 4 begins approximately 1:44:27

* Not the Babylon Bee — Disney has a special deal $110,000 ticket to the parks

* Ron DeSantis, one of the poorest politicians.  Why is Musk backing him?

* More firebombs of pro-life clinics and political organizations and FBI responds with deafening silence

* California House passes bill to kill babies — weeks AFTER birth

* Gorsuch (and Barrett) embrace CRT and the 1619 Project in another court decision

Segment 5 begins approximately 2:20:54

* Mitch McConnell admits finally that he WANTS the gun control bill.  Told you

* Will threats against SCOTUS judges shore up support for 2A?

* Bill Press, CNN, offers the most idiotic take on 2A yet

Segment 6 begins approximately 2:42:57

* Whitmer’s Attny Gen, an open lesbian, says “Drag Queens are needed in every K-12 school”, “they make everything better”

* Parents take CHARTER SCHOOL (they chose to send their kids there) to court over requirement that girls wear skirts

* Frequency of youth suicides goes UP when age of consent goes down and parents are removed

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