The David Knight Show 6/14/22

SCOTUS About to Shake Up Statehood for Territories / SkyNet Self-Aware? / Architecture a Harbinger of Totalitarianism.

• Former FOX News head joins Jan6 pageant to brag about his infallibility. But there’s ONE SIMPLE NUMBER that ALL networks are hiding that would show a corrupt election…
• Is Supreme Court about to declare US territorial status by Puerto Rico and others “unconstitutional”? What would that mean?
• Why is FBI criminalizing protests & protestors who have NO history of violence but NOT investigating those who are FIRE-BOMBING clinics and protesting conservative SCOTUS judges? Are conservatives more eager to censor “Patriot Front” than liberals?
• Google employee fired for essentially saying “SkyNet become Self-Aware”. Is “sentient AI” real or deception? A look into the background of the individual making the claim and his chats with the bodiless intelligence.
• Obama’s major PREPPING on Martha’s Vineyard. Clearly out of step with his profession of faith in climate change.
• Texas father speaks at school board about teacher who groomed his child along with a convicted sex predator. Board doesn’t care. And in NY the drag the kids to hell groomers are getting paid about $4,000 per “performance”.
• Architecture — another clue about our slide into totalitarianism and the collapse of Western civilization.
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