The David Knight Show 6/13/22

The MOST DANGEROUS Part of Gun Bill No One’s Talking About.

• Even conservative media silent on the MOST DANGEROUS PART of the new compromise gun bill where 10 GOP Senators betray base, defy Constitution
• Jan6 was an “inside job” but former employee gets it wrong on Alex Jones in CNN hit piece. Meanwhile, political prisoners in harsh conditions and in solitary for over 530 days now WITHOUT TRIAL
• Democrats plan “insurrection” against SCOTUS over abortion
• “Gun idolatry”, “abortion abolitionists” — professing Christians turn friendly fire rhetoric against other Christians instead of the problem (in the name of being winsome, of course)
• Trudeau says guns are OK for hunting & sports, FORBIDDEN for SELF-DEFENSE (against tyrants?)
• Bipartisan “gun control” ignores death counts from vaccines & abortion
• Mask mandates returning, Giuliani’s son, gubernatorial candidate, excluded from GOP debate for non-compliance with jab mandate
• Twitter censors CDC study published by AMA (American Medical Assoc) and Trump censors those who disagree with him on “Truth Social”.
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