The David Knight Show 5/24/22

Baby Food: Formula of Corrupt Govt & Dysfunctional Society.

• Why is baby formula available just across the Mexican border but not in USA? Why did Biden use the military to fly some in from Germany? What does this tell us about how government & corporations have monopolized and destroyed our supply infrastructure?
• AI scanners vs Constitutional Carry — corporations as cops, deputized to end right of self-defense.
• Pfizer Pfraud — caught falsifying test data to hide massive problems in Argentina even as clip resurfaces from 4 yrs ago bragging about how they would FORCE compliance by putting chips in medicine.
• Naval board of officers sends message to Pentagon politicians in refusing to punish officer who refused the jab mandate.
• Davos: “recalibrate” human rights to protect against “online violence”.
• Abortionists & media try to take the moral high ground — seriously.
• Gigantic ships — chokepoint of globalism.
• Pompeo (“we lie, cheat, steal & have classes on it”) now features himself in Holy Land video to prepare for presidential run.
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