The David Knight Show 5/23/22

Pincer Movement in Propaganda Campaign: Monkey Pox Fear Coming From BOTH Left & Right.

* Monkeypox: Is it a pandemic? Is it deadly?  Is it sexually transmitted?  Is it a Covid vaccine adverse effect?  Fear porn is coming from both left & right but ask why is WHO & public health establishment pushing this narrative now?
• WHO will be sovereign? The world has caught on quickly to the Pandemic Treaty and Biden power push to the WHO.  But there’s ONE deadly change that remains.
• Why we need to EXPAND the Electoral College to State (and county) elections, NOT END it
• Why no one should care about the worst-case scenario of the Climate MacGuffin
• Auction of Mercedes classic car for $145 MILLION is a metaphor of what’s happened to corporations, especially car companies, with
• Hawley vs Granholm — Yes, Granholm’s “Putin Price Hike” is “utter nonsense”.  But GOP is utterly useless in addressing the biggest energy issue
• Election corruption and corporate manipulation continue to expand even into email
• LIVE from TN! – we made it thanks to Tony Arterburn & Gard Goldsmith
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