The David Knight Show, May 11

Will Thiel & Musk Save Us From ESG of Blackrock & Vanguard.

* Biden Administration’s under-the-radar move to give WHO dictatorial powers.
* Oath Keepers — from defending to offending the Constitution.
* INTERVIEW: Scott Lively,, — Supreme Court & the “Roberts Court” power, politics and leaking. Sex Ed is about more than grooming — it’s about “imprinting”.
* 2000 Mules: more info is coming & “fact checkers” are lying about tracking capabilities but 2000 Mules is missing the key point.
* About 1/3 of all EV chargers in San Francisco Bay Area are NOT functioning and Newsom is crashing power generation INTO the grid.
* Are Musk, Thiel and PayPal Mafia going to save us from Blackrock & woke corporations? What you need to know about Hegelian corporatism.
* Endorsement Wars — primaries are testing Trump’s control of GOP.
* Disney’s copyright gift about to be taken back?
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The Wed. May 11th Edition [Duration 3:02:06]

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Segment 1

* Just like Venezuela — restaurant deals with rapidly escalating prices by putting stickers on menu

* The world is starved for diesel fuel the lifeblood of the supply chain including food

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:23:33

* A third of EV chargers in San Francisco are non-functional

* Newsom is destroying the power grid

* EV buses that spontaneously combusted in battery fires pulled from the market. 

* Transition to EV batteries will have profound geopolitical effects — weakening USA

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:42:39

* Disney turns Marvel’s Loki into a gender fluid, bisexual.  LGBT activists are not satisfied but Republicans offer a bill to take away their special copyright for 120 years

* Peter Thiel is backing a fund to compete against Blackrock’s ESG activism.   The PayPal mafia is a different kind of threat and Thiel is no fan of free market capitalism saying “competition is for losers”

Segment 4 begins approximately 01:08:10

Pompeo endorses the Davos globalist who is opposing Trump’s Davos globalist. 

Wikipedia purges conservative Kathy Barnett who’s in a 3 way tie for PA Senate nomination as video surfaces showing Nina Jank suggesting Twitter should edit user content like Wikipedia

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:22:02

WEF member lays out the case for depopulation — unless we have 90% reduction in population, we’ll need a “very strong dictatorship” globally

Biden has proposed new rules enabling WHO to declare state of emergency anywhere they desire

Segment 6 begins approximately 01:38:02

Listener sees the elephant in the room ignored by 2000 Mules documentary and the GOP

Oathkeepers — does the government have a “seditious conspiracy” case?

Segment 7 begins approximately 01:59:15

INTERVIEW Scott Lively,, attorney, pastor, human rights consultant, missionary, and author.  Where is the balance of power in the Roberts Supreme Court and how has it usurped power and embraced the purging of free exercise of religion?

Segment 8 begins approximately 02:34:37

Scott Lively talks about his book “Redeeming the Rainbow”. Groomer education is worse than you think — it’s about “imprinting

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