The David Knight Show, May 10

”Cutting Off the Tentacles of Government Education.

* INTERVIEW: Killing Dept of Ed Won’t Stop Fed Control of Education. Lynne Taylor,, joins to show how control of education has been interwoven into the bureaucracy and how we break the control and break free of controlled opposition
* Pastor held in horrible prison conditions in Turkey for 2 yrs tells Christians to prepare now for coming persecution
* Speak Free or Die! Yes, misinformation IS killing people, just not in the way Gates & FDA commissioner say
* Democrat bill to make Roe the “law of the land”, uses the term “woman” only in the title
* Media silent about arson against pro-life clinic and vandalism and confrontation at churches. Will Biden “disavow”?
* John Roberts, Supreme Leaker: It’s looking more and more like that’s the case
* Lori Lightfoot: Come to Chicago for abortion (if you can survive the gun violence).
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The Tue. May 10th Edition [Duration 3:02:06]

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Segment 1 & 2

* Nina Jank — the Ukranian connection

* They already have special prisons for people who disagree and spread “disinfo” — CMU (Communication Management Units), the American Gitmo

* Gates & FDA commissioner say “disinfo is killing people” — well, not yet but they will soon

* BigPharma is the BigTobacco of the 2020’s

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:25:58

* Australian-UK trade agreement has censorship (website blocking) in the name of copyright protection (anti-piracy)

* EU extends vaccine passport to summer 2023

* Nearly 2 dozen AG’s threaten to sue over Biden Disinfo board — will they?

* Journalist goes undercover to expose “far-right” in UK, is beaten by leftists

Segment 4 begins approximately 00:54:00

* Places of worship assaulted, disrupted — pregnancy center FIRE BOMBED.  Biden & press ignore.  Why isn’t he asked if he “disavows”?

* Pastor held by Dr. Oz’s buddy, Erdogan, for 2 yrs says prison nearly broke him and Christians better prepare for persecution that’s coming everywhere

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:20:28

* Christian persecution is well underway in Colorado where 21st century version of traveling minister is being attacked

* Maps locating homes of conservative Supreme Court justices distributed? 

* Are protests an “insurrection”?  Illegal?  Will they work?

* John Roberts: Supreme Leaker.  Roberts’ motives to leak

* Vince Agnelli on who had access to leak the documents

Segment 6 begins approximately 01:47:25

* Our friend, bitten by a copperhead snake 2 weeks ago — what it was like to nearly lose her arm even with anti-venom

* GOP divided on whether to pass anti-abortion law in Congress.  Should they?

* Democrat bill to legalize abortion everywhere — only has “woman” in the title.  A perfect example of the LunaticGBT takeover of the party

Segment 7 begins approximately 02:00:30

INTERVIEW: Cutting Off the Tentacles of Government Education

Lynne Taylor,, joins to show how control of education has been interwoven into the bureaucracy and how we break the control and break free of controlled opposition

Segment 8 begins approximately 02:49:12

* Biden’s new spokesperson claims she has a target on her back because she’s black, female, LGBT.  No, it’s black conservatives like Kathy Barnett who get the arrows in the back

* Listener letter says I focus on Oz as dual citizen but not Jewish legislators

* Sheriff Hathaway on what’s happening at the border and what REALLY needs to be done to fix it.

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