The David Knight Show, May 9

”2000 Mules” vs Fact-Checkers – Who’s Right?.

* A look at the fact-checkers vs “2000 Mules”
* Now I’m banned for Christmas music I arranged and performed
* J&J’s bloody vaccine history of clots, heart attacks and manufacturing errors. Is there a connection to outbreak of childhood hepatitis? Fact-checking the fact checkers
* Jill Biden goes to Ukraine for Mother’s Day while Joe plays golf. Jill says the “war has to stop”. No one else in the Biden administration has said that
* “Anonymous sources” tell mainstream media they are helping assassinate Russian generals in Ukraine. How might they be using biometrics and databases to do that?
* Neo-Colonialism: Gates & Rockefeller Foundations in to Africa to starve them of food through “agricultural reform”
* Oz tells crowd that booed him all night, “I’m smart”, 3 times in 20 seconds. Why is Trump endorsing people like Dr Oz & Morgan Ortagus? Who are the REAL people Trump passed over?
* Pilots coerced into vaccines, now damaged to the extent they can’t work
* Puke: Taco Bell offers traveling Drag Show to go with greasy tacos.
Your Host, David Knight
with my Analysis & Reports of the News.

The Mon. May 9th Edition [Duration 3:02:13]

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Segment 1

  • Oz, booed repeatedly, tells audience repeatedly — “I’m smart”.  Is he yet another Trump endorsed out-of-state celebrity globalist carpetbagger?  Is the MAGA crowd catching on?

* Oz pushes a Planned Parenthood lie about coat hanger abortions that even Washington Post debunked in 2019 when Leanna Wen was pushing it

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:20:09

* Listener in Philippines says elections are getting violent, at least one politician killed.  Concerns about power and internet.  Is it a harbinger of what’s coming in USA elections?

* After Trump’s endorsed candidate, leftist Morgan Ortagus, is out — there remains a fantastic candidate (just like in Pennsylvania).  This official organized state resistance against Covid rules and defended the Constitution

*”Abortion Saves Lives”? Abortion protestors go to homes of Supreme Court Justices on Mother’s Day to intimidate them

* A look at the stupid, virtue signaling failure of SNL & Benedict Cumberbatch to support abortion. One picture says it all

* Listener asks if overturning Roe is to take away our opposition to vaccine mandates.  My answer

* YouTube shut down my channel with a half dozen Christmas songs that I arranged, performed and had NO strikes.  Here’s what happens with the “appeal” process

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:57:37

* Is John Roberts serious about an investigation of the SCOTUS leak?

* Should Congress decide on abortion for the rest of the country?  Do they have the authority?

* Oklahoma enacts the same vigilante system as Texas to stop abortion.  Is this a practical solution?

* Six ways abortionists are bilking customers and endangering their lives, especially with the tele-abortion pills

Segment 4 begins approximately 01:17:52

* Listener questions

* 2000 MULES: AP “Fact-Checkers”, claims and counter-claims about election corruption.  But is anyone going to pay attention to obvious, simple solutions or ask WHY it happened?

* Puke — Taco Bells are staging drag shows at the “restaurants” to go along with greasy tacos

* Gates & Rockefeller Foundations are attacking small farmers in Africa.  They call it philanthropy.  Others call it neo-colonialism

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:40:52

* Married Christian couple in Sudan will be beaten close to death, charged with “adultery “

* Suburb of San Diego goes FULL CHINA with surveillance.  Worst, so far, in USA

Segment 6 begins approximately 01:52:07

* Jill sent out to shill in Ukraine while Biden plays golf

* Are the USA Javelins and UK NLAW’s working or a failure?

* “Anonymous sources” in Pentagon bragged about sinking Russian ships.  Now denied by officials.  Did they?

* They also bragged about assisting in the assassination of a dozen Russian generals.  Is it more than just eavesdropping on communications?  Is Clearview AI involved?

Segment 7 begins approximately 02:20:46

* Has China already begun to prepare for Taiwan attack?  Is Shanghai lockdown a part of that?

* Trudeau pushes gun control registry of ALL guns

* Hawaii’s “malicious compliance” with 2nd Amendment to stop ownership

Segment 8 begins approximately 02:34:34

* J&J’s Bloody Vaccine History.  A timeline of clots, heart attacks and manufacturing errors from EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to END of USE.   Why has J&J stopped their jab even as Pfizer & Moderna are raking in record profits?

* Is there a connection to outbreaks of hepatitis in childhood?

* Pilots, injured by employer mandated jabs are going public.

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