The David Knight Show, May 6

Underdog Takes on 2 Davos Candidates for Senate.

* Trump’s endorsed candidate has a Davos history, in addition to pushing gun control, abortion and is a citizen of a foreign country with financial and political ties who won’t renounce foreign citizenship UNLESS he wins Senate seat. But there IS a genuine conservative that polls show in a statistical tie.
* INTERVIEW: Ramping Up War & Ramping Down the Economy as Fed rate increase craters the stock market. Gerald Celente,, joins to talk about war and what happens if they keep raising interests — and what happens if they DON’T
* USA is trying to provoke WW3 — Intel spooks and media say US helped sink Russian flagship and is helping to assassinate Russian generals.
* Public Schools — “Public Enemy No. 1” says filmmaker.
* Gunsmoke! “Smoke shop” has a gun fight that’s not OK for the bad guys.
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The Fri. May 6th Edition [Duration 3:02:13]

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