The David Knight Show, May 4

Supreme Court & Roe: Who Leaked & Why? How Will It Affect Abortion & Elections? What Does the Opinion Say?

* INTERVIEW: How can you tell phony physical gold & silver from the real thing? Where is the dollar heading — to Weimar or War? Tony Arterburn, joins to talk about gold, silver and fiat.
* Who Done It? Who leaked Alito’s decision to repeal Roe? There’s only 45 suspects. Will they investigate it thoroughly? What will happen to the leaker?
* How does the Supreme Court system work? How far out are they from making the decision final? How will this impact the decision internally.
* Why was it leaked? Who benefits and what are the political implications for the election?
* How does Roe impact the power of the Supreme Court in terms of “creating” the “law of the land” or inventing constitutional rights?
* What does the opinion ACTUALLY say? Is it right or wrong in the legal arguments?
* What would this decision mean for abortion?
* Reactions — especially Biden’s statements — regarding the leak.
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The Wed. May 4th Edition [Duration 3:02:26]

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Segment 1 begins approximately 00:00:02

* The leak is important.  The issue of abortion is important.  Roe is also important to the power of the Supreme Court and plays a huge role in elections

* There’s a clear consensus about who benefits

* The short list of 45 suspects.  Will Roberts give lie detector?

* Media is quick to point out that the original Roe v Wade decision had 2 leaks.  But even they admit THIS is unprecedented and why after the backlash against those leaks, it’s truly surprising

* Listener questions

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:26:02

* WHO DONE IT? It’s not just who benefits, but who would pay the biggest price

* Four possible scenarios

* This is who I think did it…

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:41:20

* How the process in the Supreme Court works, where are we in the process and what happens next. 

* When can we expect a decision?

* What does the Alito draft position ACTUALLY SAY?

Segment 4 begins approximately 01:18:20

* Biden was FOR states making the decision about abortion before he was AGAINST it

If states get to make the decision, how many will ban abortion?

* Biden weighs in on the leaked SCOTUS opinion. WATCH: amazing hypocrisy about “choice” & “privacy”.

* Reactions from the liberal mob

* Reactions from liberal and conservatives politicians

* Biden IS right about how the decision would affect SCOTUS ability to invent rights and “amend” the Constitution, including their definition of marriage

* Biden admits it’s a “CHILD” that’s being “aborted”

* Amazon is willing to give employees $4,000 to travel to a jurisdiction where they can kill their baby.  Is it time we start thinking about NOT dealing with Amazon?

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:57:52

Pfizer Papers: No Tests for Cancer, Drug Interaction.  WHO says they don’t care about accumulations in organs, testing for carcinogenicity, pharmacodynamic drug interactions…in Pfizer papers they sought to hide for 75 years

Segment 6 begins approximately 02:01:35

INTERVIEW: Tony Arterburn,, how you can pot phon physical gold & silver, where is the dollar heading — to Weimar or War, and other questions from listeners

Segment 7 begins approximately 02:31:50

Interview continues

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