The David Knight Show, May 2

EMERGENCY: Obama’s W.H.O. TIME BOMB — About to Detonate.

* How many times does the left have to you THEY OWN YOUR KIDS? Well, here’s one more from Biden.
* EMERGENCY: Obama’s W.H.O. TIME BOMB. James Roguski,, joins — on what slipped in the very last day of his presidency, now ready to be detonated by WHO
* The “PayPal Mafia” and Transhumanism. WSJ says alumni of PayPal who’ve had an outsized effect on BigTech, are helping Musk take over Twitter. What is the libertarian transhumanism of Elon Musk, Peter Thiel?
* “Freedom Fighters” fought by anti-freedom Trudeau & RCMP
* China is not easing up on lockdown — how long will it take for supply chain to recover once they do?
* Biden’s attack on fuel is already impacting global food supply. Will he starve millions like his hero Madeline Albright? Maybe Mao?
* Digital ID’s are being pushed globally right now. It’s like there’s a conspiracy or something?
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