The David Knight Show, April 29

How Many Times Must the Left Tell You THEY OWN YOUR KIDS?

* How many times does the left have to you THEY OWN YOUR KIDS? Well, here’s one more from Biden.
* EU Official brags Food & Fuel are too cheap and they will create austerity. Here’s what they’re doing to engineer a food crisis…
* Disgay+ doubles down on the grooming, Biden’s “covid relief” money used for CRT, and who’s burning books.
* Is Musk building a conservative following to run for President? Will he comply with governments around the world DEMANDING censorship?
* SURPRISE? Book quotes governors who say Trump used funding, praise & criticism to get what he wanted from governors but never used any of that to stop governors attacking our freedoms with lockdowns & covid rituals.
* Jousting at Windmills — Quixotic Quest for renewables is a delusion but a few people are going to get rich beyond your wildest fantasies.
* Hub Variant? China’s phony “omicron” pandemic seems most contagious in cities that are hubs of tech, finance, and shipping.
* “Lend Lease” program from WW2 revived for Ukraine in ADDITION to $33 BILLION wishlist of weapons.
* Fauci got off script when he told the truth about “pandemic” & walks it back.

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