The David Knight Show, April 28

AG Candidate: Investigate ”Pandemic” Racketeering – Covid Medical Homicides as RICO.

* INTERVIEW: AG Candidate: “Pandemic” Racketeering – Investigate Covid Medical Homicides as RICO. Karen Mueller,, has seen firsthand her clients’ family members kidnapped and killed by the corrupt collusion of government & BigPharma and is making it the central aspect of her campaign
* What is Musk planning at Twitter? UK & US government DEMAND he continue censorship. Will it be merely a different form of censorship?
* Two military vaccine mandate cases — first court martial is in view. Destroying readiness in the name of readiness
* Bill to defund state education policy begs the question — who should control education?
* Assange’s “hanging judge” has a BIG conflict of interest
* Texas Heartbeat Law withstands court challenge. Does the end justify the means?
* Parental Rights? Liberal op-ed shows the depth and breadth of the attack on family — and children.

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