The David Knight Show, April 27

Dems 1st Impeachment Move Against Clarence Thomas After Wife STUNG by Infowars/Pieczenik.

* Biden now giving a few, selective pardons to people caught up in his “mandatory minimum” Drug War rules — draconian rules remain without reform.
* As Democrats begin hearings targeting Clarence Thomas for impeachment, Pieczenik’s Infowars lie about “blockchain watermark ballots” (aka “Sting”) was what motivated Thomas’ wife and others to StopTheSteal.
* NPR makes an interesting admission (in order to sell a NEW vaccine) about old Polio Vaccine GIVING the disease to children in developing countries.
* REVEALED: what’s behind the agenda of the Sodom Go-Marxist politicians as proud, self-described “lesbian Marxists” elected by both teachers & librarians to head their unions.
* “Company Men”: The usual disinfo suspects from Intel Community (James Clapper, “Lyin” Leon Panetta, inter alia) are now saying social media companies serve “national security” as propaganda agents and their monopolies must be left alone.
* Paper Gold, Physical Gold, Russian Oil — the arbitrage move that’s making insiders rich.
* TSA’s next move — biometric database of all passengers.

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