The David Knight Show, April 26

NOT Satire: Zoo Claims Animals Consent to Covid Jab.

* New Corvette — Electrified or Electrocuted? Interview of Eric Peters,, it’s about far more than just the car. Also, what kind of car would we be driving without federal mandates?
* Zoo claims animals “consent” to being jabbed for Covid. NOT satire.
* One sentence bill introduced in Congress would revolutionize education — for the BETTER.
* Ballot wars: All but one effort to throw off candidates as “insurrectionists” have failed; carpetbaggers in TN thrown off ballot air their grievances.
* Supreme Court: Climate fanatic burns himself alive at SCOTUS building, Christian coach likely to be vindicated without clarification for religious liberty, and YouTube sued for ISIS videos that were allowed.
* Leader of giant teacher’s union declares war on parents.
* China’s growing war on global supply chains.
* Russian war escalates into infrastructure attacks outside of Ukraine.

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