The David Knight Show, April 22

Obama: Jab Campaign was ”Clinical Trial with BILLIONS of People”.

* Earth Day 2022: Hysterical quotes and histrionics for 52 years
* Obama says mass jab campaign was a “clinical trial of BILLIONS of people”? They see you as lab rats
* INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente, — we’re trending toward war & hyperinflation
* DeSantis de-privileges Disney after they attack parental rights. What will happen in Orlando and when it will happen?
* Collapse of CNN+ and NetFlix collapse is NOT about “streaming” as most media is saying
* Gov of Georgia, Kemp, doubles double on “EMERGENCY” orders because of SUPPLY CHAIN issues
* China’s Shanghai lockdown has intimidated other regions in the country and locked down food production by blocking supplies to farmers during planting
* DrugFather Fauci pushes the idea that judiciary usurped power from CDC
* Is Piers Morgan angled to take CNN’s position as king of fake news?

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