The David Knight Show, April 21

Organizing for Medical FREEDOM; also #MaskMandate Bureaucracy VS Judiciary Power Struggle.

* INTERVIEW: Julie Wentz,, building a parallel health care system that transcends the corporate hospitals, focusing on choice and actual health
* Biden’s bureaucrats can’t let go of their power to mask, even until after the election. What is shaping up is a battle between the bureaucratic administrative state and the judiciary as to who will issue arbitrary orders
* Paper gold. Does this derivative market have the physical gold it pretends? How will the ETF’s play into the value of actual gold?
* Border Patrol Union wants TX Gov Abbott to declare “invasion” at the border.
* Frenemies, now enemies? To promote his new show, Piers Morgan tweaks Trump about election and Trump explodes. Politics has never looked more like professional wrestling
* As bills are popping up in GOP states to protect parental rights, this Massachusetts groomer school is being sued after teacher is fired for telling a family how the school is concealing and conspiring re-gendering of their child
* Is the trans-agenda of the schools a form of “body shaming”? Those hectored by the pedo-mob are even mutilating their trachea to change their voice.

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