The David Knight Show, April 14

WATCH THE WATER? Watch the B.S. as they muddy the waters of real concerns.
Thursday, April 14th, 2022

* WATCH THE WATER muddies the waters of real concerns. A snake venom narrative from snake oil salesmen that discredits real concerns about the jab, Remdesivir, and moral & ethical obligations.
* INTERVIEW: How children are taught to read affects the way they think. Timothy Winey,
* Brooklyn subway shooter. Rabid racist was on FBI’s radar. Why did they leave him alone? What happened to cameras? To police in the area? Another vehicle for gun control, but the smoke sent more people to the hospital than bullets.
* DeSantis’ $70 MILLION “Fatherhood Initiative”. It’s great for fatherhood to be honored, but will subsidation be counterproductive?
* Shanghai: will China’s over-the-top lockdown trigger worldwide reaction again?
* Lessons on fearless integrity from the Chinese home church movement
* Slaves get an extension for filing taxes because of the federal holiday celebrating “Emancipation”. How the Emancipation Act for DC in 1862 was different from the Emancipation Procolomation in 1863.

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