The David Knight Show, April 12

Biden To Give WHO Radical New Power
Over Health Emergencies.
Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

• INTERVIEW: Biden working with WHO to create radical new powers of emergency. James Roguski,, on what you can do to oppose it and a grassroots Bill of Rights to oppose the medical martial law.
• SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) the dangerous variant of CRT that gets around prohibitions.
• Sports casters admit on live TV that the jabs are giving athletes heart disease.
• “Putin Price Hike” — the new Psaki semantic game to excuse Bidenflation.
• Adverse Effect: JCD (human “mad cow” disease) linked to TrumpShot.
• Texas’ Mexican standoff at the border. Abbott’s strategy is to intimidate Mexico into protecting the border that he won’t protect.
• Mask mandates RETURN! They can’t even want until after the election.
• More Moderna doses recalled for contamination.
• Illinois doubled gas tax, added annual increases with inflation adjustment but now “delays” temporarily this year’s increase and demands gas stations put signage up cheering the delay or be fined $500.

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