The David Knight Show, April 11

Monday, April 11, 2022
SHANGHAIED! 26 Million Kidnapped, Will It Happen to Rest of the World This Fall?

• SHANGHAIED! City of 26 MILLION KIDNAPPED by Covid-ZERO tyranny — some shipped to concentration camps, others being starved in their homes as some commit suicide. China ramps up censorship to hide these social media posts.
• DC refuses to investigate murder of babies.
• The transhumanist side of Davos — should we call them the WTF?
• Gradually, then suddenly — how the USA will be bankrupted by the pivot to commodity backed currencies sooner than we think.
• Will Klobuchar’s “medical misinformation” bill punish you for saying there are only two sexes & genders?
• “Don’t Say Gay”? This gay porn star & pre-school teacher (at same time) is allowed to say whatever he wants to kids & is invited to speak at curriculum conference.
• David French doesn’t believe CRT is anti-Christian. He’s wrong. Here’s why.

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