The David Knight Show, April 8

Friday, April 8, 2022
Hospital Will Let 9 Yr Old Die Because Father Unvaxed.

• INTERVIEW: Who will take up the cause of peace? Peace has no champions as they push us to war, just as liberty had no defenders as they pushed us to lockdowns. Gerald Celente,, on Peter Thiels statements about gold & bitcoin. And what is going on with “paper gold” ETF’s?
• Pelosi tests positive & Psaki’s statements about exposure are absurd. BUT was it about her Asian trip that was cancelled?
• Govts are STILL trying to push forced jabs or fines/prison — but their coalitions are falling apart.
• Hospital will let a 9 yr old die because his father is not jabbed.
• Babies are “struggling with facial expressions” but the most the GOP can manage to push back is to plead with Becerra (HHS) that the WHO doesn’t require masks on toddlers.
• Gender “Unicorn”: THIS is how they’re confusing VERY young children about sex — and it’s international/global.
• France and other countries move to END ALL internal flights.

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