The David Knight Show, April 7

Thursday, April 7, 2022
”Pandemic” Part Deux? Shanghai Escalates; DC Infanticide Cover-Up; Sanctions?
Profits for Putin, Austerity for Americans.

• Relentless & draconian measures escalate in Shanghai as Xi sends in his #2 henchwoman. Global supply chain disruptions begin to propagate to the rest of the world.
• Sanctions? Putin gets windfall profit of $300 Billion while Americans and Europeans get scarcity and austerity.
• “Justice for the Five” push back after DC police & mayor refuse to investigate evidence of infanticide shown in the bodies of 5 babies Dangerous Schools: “It’s time to get serious…we have a responsibility as parents”. Churches begin to rise up to assist parents in educating children.
• Can you name your 4 grandparents? Most Americans can’t. What does this tell us?
• Guess who coined the term “Don’t Say Gay”?.
• Border: Abbott to send 900 buses of immigrants to DC.
• First we had “Obama phone” giveaway. Now “Biden phone” given to immigrants as tracking device.
• The 2 Seans push nuclear war. (Hannity & Penn)
• Green: Feds push massive installations of new giant windmills even as 150 eagles are admittedly killed by the devices.

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