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7/21/2023 ~ Matrixxx Grooove: Jeff and Shady
More Evidence on the Biden’s;
Where is the Outrage? πŸ”₯
JeffreyPedersen Hosted by Jeff and Shady
Matrixxx GroooveπŸ”₯ Getting the truth out and fighting for our freedoms. πŸ”₯
MG Show Season Five Ep. 128…
πŸ”₯ Are the democrats censoring censorship?, biological programs against Russia, Grassley reveals the 1023 on the Bidens, Burisma breakdown on the 1023, Trump sounds off on Sound of Freedom fillm, President Trump on Biden’s war on Automobiles, Ziegler, IRS Whistleblower, on CNN, Weiner has meltdown on air, and more… πŸ”₯
Friday July 21st
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