Is it OK to jump ahead in line?

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It’s day 375 of the Lockdown.
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• The coming Surveillance State war against “domestic extremists” by the — people across the political spectrum alarmed as IC turns to domestic focus

• Biden adm argues to SCOTUS that police should be able to enter homes w/o search warrant to confiscate guns

• Yemen govt releases tapes showing CIA Tenet’s connection to Anwar al-Awlaki & Al Qaeda

• “Let My People Go”: Merkel reverses Easter lockdown after German public’s outrage

• Boris Johnson continues his murder-suicide of the UK

• First Do No Harm”: hand sanitizers contain carcinogens

• Trump Vaccine Czar & Fauci co-conspirator, Moncef Slaoui, fired for sexual misconduct as 4,000 dead from vaccine in EU

• CNN talks vaccine ethics: “Is it OK to jump ahead in line?”

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3:57 “Intelligence Community” turns its spies on Americans; the MOST dangerous threat to USA is a terrorist, lawless govt and a politicized surveillance state

41:49 We now have had something very interesting coming out of Yemen,

1:04:20 How freedom is like a classic Lamborghini

1:08:27 Ninth Circuit Court says NO RIGHT to carry OPEN or CONCEALED

1:19:56 Biden to SCOTUS: No Warrant Needed to Enter Homes & Confiscate Guns

1:28:12 More people killed with bare hands than rifles — far more killed with knives

1:30:38 Statehood for DC and other Democrat schemes to rig elections

1:38:33 From Retail to Realtors — the coercion of mask & vaccine mandates on employees

1:43:39 UK’s Boris Johnson Embraces “Greed” & “Capitalism” of #OperationWarpSpeed

1:49:18 Trump Vax Czar in Trouble: Like Cuomo, NOT For Killing People But Sexual Harassment

2:10:08 Religious leaders celebrate Easter by credited the vaccine for the resurrection of society. The life of Ravi Zacharias shows us why church & in-person worship matters

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