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We would like to share with you the Freeway To Success Game Plan, where you can take advantage of 1 Company with 3 Product Packages wrapped around 3 Compensation Plans All under ONE Umbrella. We call this . . . THE FREEWAY CONNECTION

Learn how thousands of ordinary people around the world are finding the answer to making a substantial income from home with a very small out-of-pocket product purchase and a little effort! In fact, you will find EVERYTHING you need to SUCCEED under the umbrella! Check out the multiple income streams you will have available to you! REMEMBER, we are ONE COMPANY providing you with the opportunity to leverage your time, your money, and your efforts into the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

We are a membership/direct sales company where YOU can SAVE thousands of dollars on the things you purchase every day, every week and every month throughout the year! Let me ask you this:


1. Would like to save money on groceries?

2. Needs to save money on prescription drugs?

3. Would like to save money on EVERYTHING they purchase?

4. Would like to take advantage of deep discounts on the purchase of an automobile? How about carpeting and flooring?

5. Would love to take a dream vacation for 7 nights at a 5 star resort for the cost of a weekend getaway?


Become an Independent Marketing Representative today!

As an Independent Representative, you will have the ability to earn an additional income by introducing others to the opportunity to owning their own home business.  You will be placed in our unique 2×2 Compensation Structure where you can earn between $180 to $6,000 over and over again, in  additional to any products you purchase at wholesale and sell at retail.  Each level is completely separate of each other, giving you the ability to choose which product you desire!



Become an Independent Marketing Representative today!

When your 2×2 compensation structure is complete, you will re-enter a new compensation structure following your Independent Marketing Representative.

Commissions end every Friday at Midnight PST.


For more information go to:  www.2by2foryou.com

Check out one of the latest webinar hosted by the owner of 2by2ForYou!

These Compensation Structures gives you the flexibility to help the Independent Marketing Representatives that you introduced to 2by2ForYou by letting you place new Independent Marketing Representatives on their compensation structure.


A total of 6 new Independent Marketing Representatives to your organization gives you a commission between $180 and $6,000, depending on which level you are participating in, PLUS you will be positioned over and over again so that you can continue to build your organization by sharing with others the ability to become Independent Marketing Representatives.

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The company is
Shop Free Mart.

First you need a company.

Next you need a compensation plan.

Next you need a product.

And finally you need a system.

It happened twenty years ago and now we are doing it again.

  • Free to Join
  • No monthly purchase
  • No autoship
  • Refer others to get paid through 9-levels
  • High Quality Consumable products that are in demand
  • No gimmicks or rank advancement to get paid

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1118 Styx Drive
Monroe, NC. 28112

Phone #:1-877-556-0739

There Email:

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Mon-Fri: 8AM to 8PM EST

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