DMLNews Morning Briefing. July 7

UK’s Boris Johnson makes MAJOR announcement, Biden uses taxpayer cash for racist study, and more…

By  Anneta Griffee

Today is July 7. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces resignation
The Associated Press reports: LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned Thursday, acknowledging that it was “clearly the will” of his party that he should go.

He stepped down immediately as leader of his Conservative Party but plans to remain as prime minister while the leadership contest is held. He said he has appointed a new Cabinet following a multitude of resignations, but many are calling for him to go now.

It is a humiliating defeat for Johnson, who succeeded in leading Britain out of the European Union and was credited with rolling out one of the world’s most successful mass vaccination campaigns to combat COVID-19.

The announcement came after the latest ethics scandal around Johnson’s leadership led some 50 senior lawmakers to quit the government and left him unable to govern.

But he was forced to concede defeat Thursday morning after two more members of his Cabinet quit and one of his closest allies, Treasury Chief Nadhim Zahawi, publicly told him to resign for the good of the country.

The internal election to pick a new leader of the Conservative Party, who will also be the next prime minister, is likely to take place over the summer.


MY TAKE: Well, that’s a major shakeup across the pond!

2 – Biden admin uses taxpayer cash to fund study into kids’ racial preferences
Fox News reports: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded over $40,000 to New York University (NYU) researchers to conduct a study on why children “favor Whiteness and maleness over other identities.”

The project titled, “Societal assumptions regarding typical personhood and their effects on reasoning development,” seeks to uncover the developmental processes by which children “acquire the belief that White males represent the default person – a pattern rooted in the ideologies of androcentrism (centering the experiences of men) and ethnocentrism (centering the experiences of White people) prevalent in the United States,” according to the grant summary on

HHS awarded NYU a total of $40,391 for the 3-year project, which began in February and will conclude on January 31, 2025.

“Despite national rises and racial and gender diversity, White men remain vastly overrepresented across a host of domains within the U.S., from media, to politics, to clinical research,” the project description states. “Such overrepresentation poses severe costs to the rest of society – women of all races, men of color, and gender-nonconforming individuals – particularly within the domain of health, where clinical trials have historically prioritized the experiences, perspectives, and health outcomes of White men.”

NYU researchers hope to discover through their research the “developmental trajectory” by which children’s default representations of people “begin to favor Whiteness and maleness over other identities.”

MY TAKE: Absolutely APPALLING that such an INSANE study would be done to start with… and now they’re making American taxpayers PAY FOR IT! Stop trying to divide Americans by race!

3 – Two Foreign Nationals Arrested for July 4th Mass Shooting Plot in Virginia
Breitbart reports: Two foreign nationals, either on nonimmigrant visas or illegal aliens, were arrested for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at Richmond, Virginia’s, Fourth of July celebration.

On Wednesday, Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith announced the arrests of 52-year-old Julio Alvardo Dubon and 38-year-old Rolman A. Balacarcel — the two foreign nationals behind an alleged plot to carry out a mass shooting on July 4th.

“Their intent was to conduct a mass shooting at our Fourth of July celebration,” Smith said.

According to Smith, a “hero citizen” called the Richmond Police Department on July 1 to report that he had overheard a man discussing a plan to “shoot up” the city’s Fourth of July celebration.

That is when police raided Dubon’s residence to find two rifles, a handgun, and 223 rounds of ammunition. Dubon was subsequently charged with being in possession of a firearm as an alien to the United States.

After police reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Smith said they put surveillance on Balacarcel who lived at the same residence as Dubon.

Balacarcel was subsequently arrested and charged with being in possession of a firearm as an alien to the U.S. Smith said they still do not have a clear motive as to why the pair allegedly sought to conduct a mass shooting on American citizens on July 4th.


MY TAKE: And Biden is letting more and more of these people come into the country DAILY.

4 – Campaign to recall Los Angeles DA Gascon submits 717,000 signatures
The Washington Examiner reports: Backers of a campaign to recall District Attorney George Gascon delivered petitions with 717,000 signatures to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters on Wednesday in an effort to unseat a prosecutor accused of catering to criminals.

State law required the submission of 567,000 signatures, but the campaign created a cushion to ensure that any inadmissible signatures wouldn’t thwart an effort to place Gascon’s name on the November ballot.

The bipartisan campaign was managed by a small army of prosecutors, law enforcement officials, and victim’s rights advocates who worked late Tuesday night boxing up the sea of ballots that were delivered in a truck.

“The members of the recall committee are mainly Democrats,” said Eric Siddall, vice president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys. “Our deputy district attorneys have not only been supporting this by vote of no confidence but with tireless efforts volunteering for the committee by gathering and verifying signatures. Angelenos want real reasonable, sustainable reform, not Gascon’s pro-criminal policies.”

Gascon swept into office two years ago and promised to hold police accountable and take a reasonable approach to criminal justice. Instead, family members have watched as killers and abusers of loved ones have received prison sentences reduced to a dozen years or less for what used to be a lifetime lockup.



MY TAKE: Another Soros-funded radical. Every one of them needs to go.

Breitbart reports: A movie production directed by Oscar-nominated actor Michael Shannon has reportedly quit Arkansas in protest over the state’s abortion trigger law that took effect following the Supreme Court’s historic reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Michael Shannon was set to film his directorial debut Eric Larue in Arkansas, but the production has left the state in favor of North Carolina, according to a report from Deadline. The report cited the reason as Arkansas’ Act 180 of 2019 that took almost immediate effect following the high court’s ruling.

Under Act 180, the state has banned all abortions except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger. Physicians performing abortions will face criminal prosecution but women seeking abortions won’t.

Like many states, Arkansas offers film and TV tax incentives designed to lure productions to the state, thus boosting employment and spending. North Carolina also offers incentives.

Eric Larue, which is based on a play by Brett Neveu, takes place in the aftermath of a school shooting, with the mother of the young shooter attempting to connect with the mothers of the victims.

MY TAKE: Well, that’s woke Hollywood for you.  Who needs them anyway?